About Noodle, Squirt, and Me

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m learning how to homeschool in Albuquerque, NM!

I’m married to a wonderful man I like to call my Hubbo, and we have two little diva princesses – Noodle (4 years) and Squirt (11 months). I work with Noodle on activities somewhere between the pre-k and kindergarten level right now. Squirt is obviously not school-age, but her schedule and (high) needs have a great impact on our homeschool nonetheless.


Why do I homeschool?   

Many people, homeschoolers and not, assume that I homeschool to “keep my kids away” from something – the public school system, ungodly influences, any number of things. This isn’t the case! I attended the public schools, my father was a (fabulous) public school teacher for several of my growing-up years, and several more of my family have pursued careers in education. I believe public school teachers are wonderful servants to many of our country’s children and though the system is not perfect, it works well for many people.

That said, I have felt called to homeschooling my own children since I first learned such a thing existed. I am so blessed that I have a situation in life that allows me to do this! I simply feel that my children belong in a family, not a classroom. God gave them to me, not the government, and I am responsible for their education in all areas. Homeschooling affords me the opportunity to nurture the gifts they have so they can blossom into the individuals God created them to be.


Why do I blog?

The thought of authoring “another homeschool blog” is daunting. There are so many wonderful homeschooling mom bloggers out there that I can’t even begin to compare myself with… So I won’t!

But I am of the belief that many homeschoolers out there are just like me, flying by the seat of their pants and wondering if anybody else is as confused as they are. So I’m planning on being honest here (notice my kids’ and husbands names are never mentioned?) about my successes and failures, and hopefully I will make some honest friends, too, so I don’t feel like such a jerk!


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