First-Timer’s First Impressions

I had lots of reasons I wanted to homeschool my kids – lots of “benefits” I could go on and on about theoretically. That was last year.

This year, it got real. Let me tell you, the “perks” and “benefits?”

They are way better than I ever dreamed.

Of course there are days that teaching my own child is hard. But parents struggle teaching their kids the materials they bring home from public school, too. At least I have the freedom to troubleshoot those struggles any way I want – including by changing the material! If something is just. not. working for my kids, I don’t have to push through it just to check off a box for the curriculum fairy, or for their teacher.

My absolute favorite thing is custom-designing Noodle’s lessons. This sounds so “duh, of course that’s a benefit of homeschooling.” But in practice, it is everything.

Custom lesson planning means my girl doesn’t have to spend her precious childhood completing worksheets to prove she is competent at a skill. It means we can spend as much time learning how the letter “S” looks different from the number “5” as we need to. It means we can integrate fine motor skills into everything so she can catch up on those seven weeks her right arm was casted this summer. It means we can do above grade-level work because I, her mom, know more than anyone else what she is capable of.

And it means I can design projects for her to complete that not only educate her, but that she truly enjoys. Nothing warms my hear more than hearing my sweet girl tell me she loves me. But a close second is the several times just this week that I’ve heard, “Mom, can we do school?” or “Mom, can we do another activity?”

The best thing is this: being my child’s teacher makes me feel like I’ve gained more insight into being her mom. Our relationship is growing so much, and I can’t imagine what it would look like without those forty hours per week that many kids spend away at school. Beyond that, what would her relationship with her sister be like?

So I guess what I’m saying is, as hard as it may be, this is right for us. Nothing could be better.


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